Monday, June 25, 2007

Back to work

Alright, so it was probably less than appropriate to take so long off with only a few days left to go, but I did. Even though it wasn't my intention, that would indicate forethought, of which I am incapable, I think it actually helped.

From the time I got home from work Friday until I sat down to write this blog post I haven't thought about gaming even once. I even canceled my regular Friday and Sunday games. Instead I visited with some family from out of town, went to a party with my wife, and generally just took some time to rest and relax.

It's kind of like clearing your palette though. I really feel rested, refreshed, and ready to get back to work.

Which is good, seeing as how I only have a few days left to finish up.

Of course, that implies that I'm not ready, which is technically true, but it's not really the whole story. I have yet to sit down and type out my final votes for a number of categories, and I would like to go over a couple things again to sort everything out in my mind, but if pressed I could probably name my top 5. I guess I put together a little list of them as I was reading. Sure, I'm not ready to make any final decisions yet, but that is more a function of my reluctance to deny nominations to some very deserving products, simply because they had the misfortune of competing in a large category full of strong contenders.

Formality or not, the lists have to get done though, so I guess break time is over. Thanks for bearing with me through the lack of updates and the rambling return to posting. I'll try to get something of real value up later.

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