Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Expeditious Retreat Press arrives

Just in time for me to have finished reading the original shipment of books that I received, another box of books arrived from Expeditious Retreat Press today. I haven't taken any time to look through them in any detail yet, as I'm getting ready to take my vacation in a couple days (I'm already off work, yay!), but I'll be taking them with me so I'll get plenty of time to read through them thoroughly in the days to come.

In the mean time I'm excited. The site went back up a week ago, and already new products have started to come in again. More importantly I'm excited about the quality of what I've been seeing. So many of these products hae been amazing, and I'm glad to see a publisher like XRP who's known for consistent high quality work joining with the great stuff I've already read.

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