Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More filler

I added the stuff from Expeditious Retreat Press and my newest arrival, Faery's Tale by Firefly Games to the list on the left. I'm still waiting on a couple more shipments, including a copy of Burning Empires, which was apparently sent to the wrong address, but should be on its way now.

I've gotten back into reading adventures, which is good, but I probably won't be reviewing many of them in a lot of detail. It occurred to me last night that my mini-reviews simply aren't thorough enough to do these products much justice. I just put them out to give people an idea of what I am thinking and where I am coming from. If you want real, thorough, good reviews let me recommend RPG.net or ENWorld.org.

My reviews tend to take a 350-page rulebook and distill it down to a three or four paragraph review. What would a 16-page adventure look like? Besides, the crux of the matter is, I wouldn't really know what to say. The best ones mostly make me excited because of the plot, and if I tell the plot in a review I would just be spoiling the adventure.

*sigh* I'll think of some way to do it. At very least I may do blocks of several small adventures at once, while still trying to do what I can about individual reviews for the larger ones.

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