Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I took the day off yesterday. I know it wasn't a good time, since people are working on their votes right now, but I decided to take a day to think.

If you don't frequent ENWolrd you probably don't know, but my post on Best Electronic Book caused a bit of a scuffle that ended up with two people banned, one of which was a sitting judge.

It got me thinking about what purpose the individual commentaries serve. I had intended to just share a few personal opinions, but it seems that my thoughts are being translated into some sort of official position on the part of the awards.

That's not good, and it was never my intention.

I told another judge that I was thinking about stopping (the commentaries on categories, not the blog) but was told that I shouldn't. I'll get back to them tonight, but it's important that no one takes these posts as anything more than my perspective. If you have a question or concern please post it here, and I will try to clarify whatever I can.

I absolutely promise to answer any concern in a civil manner. I don't think anyone believes that there's absolutely no room for improvement.


Anonymous said...

I can't find that discussion. Is it still up or did they delete it?

Anonymous said...

Oops, found it. Sorry to have caused such an uproar.

Unknown said...

You didn't cause any problems. There is definitely so room for discussion here. If anything caused a problem it was my poorly thought out post.

Really the problem stems for the inability to have any kind of reasonable discussion on the internet. I find that any disagreement tends to read as hostile to the involved parties.