Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Final post: Pimping my new blog.

Okay, this is it for me here before I turn it over to the new caretakers.

I would have stopped already, but it occurred to me that some of the readers here might be interested in following my ongoing blogs, and I haven't posted links or taken the time to pimp them yet.

In my judgment is my gaming blog, where I'll post reviews, talk about design, and generally focus on my gaming life.

Life's Journey is just my personal blog, and not gaming related at all, but if anyone is interested that's where I'll talk a little bit about all the things that are important to me, my family, my work, and my faith.

Thanks to everyone who stuck it out with me for so long, and I hope some of you make the move with me. Good luck the the new crop of judges, and I really hope you take me up on my offer here.

Jeramy Ware

Changing of the guard

I changed the look and title of the blog today to reflect the change of contributors. I'll go ahead and reissue my invitation to the new judges, and hopefully you'll be seeing new content soon.