Thursday, March 22, 2007

Starting the reading

Well, I'm feeling rested and refreshed.

More importantly, I read Dictionary of Mu lat night. It's an extremely well written book, with an interesting presentation style.

I can't really comment on how useful it is as a supplement yet, since I haven't read Sorcerer, but I ordered a copy at the FLGS so I'll revisit it after I get a chance to learn a little more about the system.

Still, it felt good to start reading product. With the fan sites I started reading were already ones I had seen before, and though they're great and useful sites, it's different to look through something completely new. Something I probably would have missed if I weren't judging.

Still nothing new to report. Still waiting on the original shipment from Canada. I'll probably take tonight off since things are still slow. I have to prepare for my home game tomorrow, but I'll try to get some time in of the Dungeon Tiles tomorrow.


Fred said...

I'm a huge fan of Dictionary of Mu -- and while it has rules for Sorcerer, I feel like there's enough setting-meat in there to make it useful for any game system you care to. I could see it as a D&D setting just as easily -- or a Fate game, which is why I did

Master of the Game said...

It definitely earns its keep in the setting department, but still, it was entered in the Supplement category, and it's hard to judge some thing's worth as a supplement without knowing exactly what it has to offer.

Besides, I'm not in a hurry at this point, and can afford to be thorough.