Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today is the day

Today should be the final day for my role with this year's awards. In a little over eight hours the judges are getting together on IM to finalize the nominations.

As of right now the judges have each picked five products for each category. Tonight we'll sort through those, discuss the ones we like the best, and argue over the rest.

Actually, looking at the list I'm pretty surprised by the amount of consensus there is. There will be disagreements, and I’m sure we each have a few things we worried won’t make it, but overall the lists are reasonably similar.

This means that the nominations should be forthcoming. Our timetable calls for the announcement to be made Monday, and thus far we’re right on schedule.

Once that happens I’ll be free to talk about the nominations or other products that didn’t make the list, so if you have any questions please just let me know.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your continuing commitment to transparency, dude. It's much appreciated.

Unknown said...

It's not like what I do is a big chore, but I appreciate the sentiment. I've been pretty awful about keeping up here this year but I hope it's been at least a little helpful.

Jonathan Jacobs said...

[crossing fingers]

Martin Ralya said...

OK, I'll bite: What could Gnome Stew have done differently or better to earn a nomination in the Best Website category?

Anything you can share will be useful to us -- and perhaps to other sites, as well. As we have throughout the whole process, we dig your transparency and your efforts to keep everyone who is invested in the ENnies process informed.

Thanks in advance!

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed your comment, I'll discuss Best Website once I finish with Free Products, but it really comes down to a non-answer. I love Gnome Stew. It's an excellent resource that suffered from just not having the space for a nomination. Since Best Website covers a lot of different types of products it's important to have representation of some different styles, that makes it really hard to focus too much on one type of site. In the absence of a Best Blog category it's just about impossible to get the best of what's out there represented without failing to showcase other types of sites at all. Gnome Stew is amazing, and I don't really think it does anything 'wrong', there was just a limited amount of space, and we ran out of room.

Martin Ralya said...

Thanks, Jeramy -- I appreciate your feedback.