Sunday, August 2, 2009

In which I blatently promote myself

With the polls having closed on the nominees for the 2009 ENnie awards, I find that it's time to move on. By which I of course mean moving on the the selections fot 2010 ENnies judges. It's the first day of voting for this year's judges, and I thought I'd drop at least one quick plea for whatever support anyone may have to offer.

If you're here then I hope that you know who I am, and what I have to offer. I'm listed on the ballot as Jeramy Ware, and I have served as a judge twice, in 2007 and 2009. This blog has served as a chronicle of my efforts, and does a better job of describing my judging style and the sorts of things I look for in a product far better than I could in this space, so I'll skipp reitterating all the stuff that can be found in my questionairre from the ENnies site.

Most importantly I believe that the judging process should:
  • Be open and honest.
  • Serve the needs of the community anf the publishers and fans that support it.
  • Judge each product on its own merits, rather than against one another.
  • Take into consideration the thoughts and preferences of others.
  • Be receptive to questions and critisism.
  • Be responsive to those who take their time to offer input.
I hope that in my terms I have met those goals, and I promise to continue to strive toward those ends should I be elected again.


Because I'm not above asking for help in my campaigning, a few testimonials from those who have followed my work:

You're exactly the sort of judge that keeps me excited about the Ennies. - Rob Donoghue

We need more hard working, open folks like you who understand the value of blogs/podcasts in the Ennies. - Dave Chalker

"Honesty and dedication to transparent processing are just two of the attributes that make (MotG) a great candidate for ENnie judge." - Jess Hartley

You gave really good feedback and updates throughout the Ennie nomination, which I really appreciated. - Sean Nittner
I felt your process, in addition to being open and honest, and revolved around quality, not just personal opinion. - Meg McG


Thank you for your time and your support.


BG Meg said...

You can add my endorsement too!

I felt your process, in addition to being open and honest, and revolved around quality, not just personal opinion.
-Meg McG

Unknown said...

Thanks Meg, given your commitment to showcasing real quality I really appreciate that.