Friday, July 16, 2010

Climbing back on the stump

As many of you know, for the last several years I have participated as a judge for the Ennie Awards. The ENnies – an annual award seeking to recognize the best in games and gaming – are held in August each year, and I have once again been nominated to serve as a judge.

This is an elected position however, and the judges are chosen from among the nominees in an online vote between August 16th and 25th. I'd appreciate it a great deal if you would go to the awards' web site (, and cast a vote for me and a couple of my friends! The election uses a Single Transferable Vote system, which means you must numerically rank the candidates, and margins tend to be in the tens, rather than hundreds, so every vote counts.

Please, take less than 60 seconds to vote, remembering the the number "1" denotes your top choice, going down to "5", the total number of judges that can be elected. If you have no preferred candidates of your own, I suggest the following:
1. Jeramy Ware
2. Tracey Michienzi
3. Kennon Bauman
4. Matthew Maddoux
5. Christopher W. Richeson

Voting has just opened, and I know the site can be hard to connect with right now, but I'd appreciate your persistence, as this is something I really enjoy doing. Thank you for your time.

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