Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quick update.

Well, I got a book from Memento Mori Theatrics today. Lacuna Part I. The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City (second attempt). It's another one of those books that a lot of people may not have heard of, but those who have pour on considerable praise.

Right now, however, I am hip-deep in both Hollow World and Scion: Hero. Why both? Because I am a human ferret, jumping from one shiny thing to another without thought, rhyme, or reason. Hopefully I'll finish both of those at work this weekend, so I can move on to something else. I kinda let myself get bogged down this week, and considering how far behind I am, that's not good.

Besides, something needs to be done to tame Ptolus. Books that big need to be put in their place.

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