Friday, April 6, 2007

More on podcasting

Now that there are definitely enough podcasts to qualify for their own category, I am somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of hours that our gaming brethren have logged trying to entertain and inform us.

Before starting work on the ENnies I had been trying to catch up on few casts on my own. That seemed simple enough, listen to one until you had heard them all, then switch to another.

That worked well when I was listening to the first three or four.

Now there are some 360 hours of podcasts currently on my wife's iPod, which I stole because it got to be a pain carrying my laptop everywhere. I'm roughly halfway through those, and there are maybe a hundred or so episodes of various casts that I already deleted, and so aren't included in that number.

The problem is, that's only about a third of the podcasts that have entered. I haven't even added most of them to my iTunes yet. Now, for me it's not a huge problem. I drive an hour and a half to work everyday, and often listen to a few episodes while at work, but I feel a little sorry for all those other judges out there who may not have my kind of free time. :)

Not that they're not fun to listen to, but as you realize they're stacking up you find yourself doing odd things to catch up. Today I washed dishes to the dulcet tones of the Bear's Grove, and last night I was trying to study an adventure I want to playtest while listening to All Games Considered (not that they entered, but I'm still trying to catch up on back episodes).

By the way, let me say now that Mick Bradley may well be the funniest gamer I've ever known. Not that I've listen to his cast yet, iTunes seems to hate it, but I hear him on all the other podcasts and every once in a while he makes me almost shoot diet coke from my nose.

Anywho, not much to share really. I just wanted all those podcasts out there that I annoyed into entering that I am listening, and progress is being made.

However slowly.


Rob said...

Mick Bradley makes me shoot Coca Cola out of my nose fairly regularly. My wife has done the laundry to prove it.

Rob Wakefield
The Accidental Survivors Podcast
THE Modern Gaming Podcast

Anonymous said...

Hi. Well, that's good to know. I hope that I can make lots more coke shoot out of lots more noses for a long long time.

I'll have to go back and figure out why iTunes gives other people trouble with my feeds. It never gives me trouble with my feeds, so I'm never able to tell how to correct other folks' problems. But I'll look into it.

Anyhow, thanks for making my day by mentioning my, um, useful contributions to rpg podcasting.

Mick Bradley
The Harping Monkey

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by guys.

So, what's it going to take to get you guys to enter? I can be down-right annoying, so you might as well just give in now.