Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More from Green Ronin

I think the guys at Green Ronin must be poking fun at me for complaining about the number of packing peanuts that came with the White Wolf shipment. Either that or their offices are drowning in the things and they had to bail a few out before they were consumed by them.

I added the actual books that I received to my list on the left, so I won't go into them in too much depth for now. I'll touch on them more when I have time to read them all and give them real reviews.

I will take a moment to comment on the Deck of Many Things, because I already looked through it last night, and it's an easy review.

Obviously this is not something everyone needs. If you don't intend to use a Deck of Many Things in your game, then these cards are not for you.

If you do, however, these might make for an excellent purchase. The cards are beautifully illustrated and surprisingly useful. Not only do they add to the feel of the game (who wouldn't rather actually draw a card than roll on a chart?), but the quick-reference cards are well written and contain all the necessary information to use them in the game.

Several years ago, I forget how long at this point, Dungeon magazine printed a Deck of Many things as a hand-out for an adventure. I've kept those and treasured them for years. Now I'm going to retire them. These cards will definitely be replacing those.

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