Saturday, May 19, 2007

PDFs by the dozen

I got a couple new CDs in the mail over the last couple days.

The first was from Your Games Now, with a selection of PDFs from Dog Soul, DragonWing Games, Dreamscarred Press, Forever People, Lame Mage Productions, Paradigm Concepts, Silver Branch Games, and Swords Edge Publishing.

The second CD was from Final Redoubt Press, who had an interesting entry. They submitted nine products, six of which are apparently the same setting and adventures released under four different rule sets. Basically it's four separate series of six PDFs, each focusing on the same content, but with different rules. I haven't read them yet, but color me interested. I have never been interested in settings completely divorced from rules, but I have always been the kind of person to experiment with using different settings with my favorite rule sets. If this manages to blend the best of both worlds I will be mightily impressed.


Unknown said...

Just checked the tracking -- looks like you should have your IPR shipment now!

Unknown said...

Got it this morning, thanks. I'll add the books to my list right now.