Thursday, May 28, 2009

A reminder

It has become apparent that my little list, because of my lack of updates, has done a little more harm than good, so I updated it as much as possible this afternoon. I can't garuntee that it's 100% accurate, given that it's a long list and it's always possible that I overlooked something, but I'd bet it probably is. I went book by book through the entries just to check. In fact, if the entry is in italics, that means it's one I have an entry form for, but didn't have at hand for whatever reason.

Now, if you sent something in the last couple days, chances are it just hasn't made its way to me yet, but if you think there's something that should be there that isn't, please let me know. I'll check the master list and get back with you right away.

Speaking of the master list, I just wanted to put out a quick reminder. I'm a judge for the awards, beyond that my affiliation is loose at best. I know and like the people within the awards, but I'm not in any sort of management or staff possition. I just read a lot.

That said, I do my best to try and help out where I can, with publishers and those who are submitting, so I am absolutely glad to be of help. The nature of my work, and the hours that I work makes me a bit more available than everyone else, so please feel free to comment here or email me, but if my list isn't exactly correct, that's my own oversight, and not neccesarily a failing on the staff memeber who does all the work, because honestly, Hans is amazing.

So, if there's a screw up, check with me first, chances are it's mine :)

Oh, speaking of Hans, in an effort to make my list as up to date as possible I simply posted everything I could. Our Submissions Coordeinator may not have had a chance to double-check these to make sure they're within the submissions period yet, since I posted stuff that just came in today, so there is a slight chance that one or two things may not qualify. I don't really expect anything not to, just thought I'd add the caveat.

Thanks for your patience. This weekend marks the end of the submission period. Once I stop getting three or four packages a day I'll be able to settle in and talk about some specific a bit more. In the mean time, I'd appreciate any questions about policy, procedure, or products that you might have.



Dave The Game said...

Don't sweat it too much... you've done an awesome job helping us, and way better than what I've seen in previous years. Kudos for sure.

Paul Tevis said...

Exactly. I'm grateful for all your hard work.

Sean Nittner said...

I sent in an entry for the Podcast Narrative Control on May 6th (physical copies via mail and digital form over email) but didn't see it listed. Can you tell me the best method to verify that then entry was recieved?

Thanks, Sean Nittner (

Unknown said...

Thanks all.

Sean: I'll check on it myself right now. I'm on my way to work though, so sorry if I don't get you an answer before tomorrow. Best bet might be to just resend the email copy if you still have it, that way you don't have to wait for me.

Unknown said...

I think we have the issue figured out. It seems that two people who tried to enter inadvertantly sent all their entries to the submissions coordinator, rather than the judges. Yours I think was one of them. We're sorting it now, thanks for catching this.

Sean Nittner said...

Jeremy, thanks for looking into this. I just received an email from Denise (the coordinator I presume) that she received all 6 copies. I missed the premade labels on the submission site and sent all the copies to the address on the submission form. My bad. I'd be happy to send out a new set of copies to the correct addresses if that is acceptable.

Thanks, Sean Nittner (