Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Well, I've been working on the lists for the last 14 hours or so, and they're just about done. I did take about a two hour break in there, but darn it feels like a long time.

The judges have reached consensus on two categories, and we are very close in several more. The late night finally got the best of us, but I have confidence that we'll get it worked out in the morning.

There's little choice. We have an official hard deadline of noon today. After that we're down to just voting. The good news is that Stuart came up with a brilliant voting system that takes our tastes into account much better than a simple majority. If it comes down to it we're much better off, but I think once everyone wakes up in the morning we'll be able to finish it off in no time.

Everyone really came through today. I was the last one up, but I work nights, so that's no big deal. Stuart, Kevin, and Jeff all worked as late as they could, and in many cases much later than they should have, and really picked up the slack when I started getting too slow with the lists to keep up with all the conversation.

This is it. Seven hours or so to go.

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Unknown said...

Four more categories done, brining us to 6 as of 11 AM.