Sunday, July 8, 2007

Congratulations to the Origin's Awards winners

So, I blatantly stole this from the guys at, and promptly splattered it across the front of ENWorld, so I thought I may as well comment on it here too. As far as I could tell they were simply the only people who seemed to have jumped right on this. If you ever needed another reason to believe that they were the place to go for gaming news and commentary, here it is.

Fiction Publication of the Year
WINNER: Dungeon Magazine (Paizo Publishing)

Non-Fiction Publication of the Year
WINNER: Dragon Magazine (Paizo Publishing)

Roleplaying Game of the Year
WINNER: Burning Empires (Burning Wheel)

Roleplaying Game Supplement of the Year
WINNER: Deadlands Reloaded (Pinnacle/Great White Games)

That's a heck of a list, and all deserving entries. We didn't get Deadlands Reloaded, so I'm not terribly familiar with it, but I've heard enough to believe it really earned its place, and I'm a big fan of the other three.

There are other winners as well, of course, but you'll have to go check out OgreCave if you want them. I focus mostly on RPGs (as does the ENnie Awards), so I have no real way to comment on the other winners.

Anywho, congratulations to the winners. I wish I could have been there.


Dave The Game said...

Actually, we did the original reporting of the winners, and Ogrecave reposted the list from us (and linked to us, which I wish had been done on the ENWorld post.)


Unknown said...

Oops, my apologies. I looked around a bit, but I couldn't find it with any kind of alacrity.


My google-fu has failed me.