Friday, July 6, 2007

A day of rest

The first day post ENnies has been very nice. I spent the whole day with my kids just resting and trying to make up for disappearing over the last couple days.

All in all I give it a 5 out of 5.

I did spend more time online than I should have though, mostly just doing the basking in the afterglow thing. There were a couple more discussions and a little last minute shuffling, but for the most part it's just been pats on the back all the way around.

For some reason the other judges have been exceptionally complimentary to me, for which I am grateful. I know I'm a bit of an outsider, but they really brought me in and made me feel like an essential part of the process, which was extremely cool.

Honestly I don't really deserve it, so if you see them talking about me organizing things at the last minute or anything, just understand that it's ther polite way of saying I was starting to get pushy :)

We were all there together at the end, I just tidied things up a bit while everyone was sleeping because I simply had the time to do it.

Speaking of which, I do own the judges an apology. I know I got pretty obnoxious, especially today. I'm just ready to be done with it for now. Kevin commented that he was surprised at how much of his mental landscape this had taken up, and that's about as perfect a description as I can think of. Stuart even commented that he wouldn't run again next year, which is a real loss to the process.

All in all I think we're just drained. It was a good run, and now it's time to rest and recuperate.

So, sorry guys if I got a little snappish or pushy. I hope I didn't overstep. It was absolutely fantastic working with you.

Okay, now I'm off. I likely won't be back until the nominations are announced, which I think is Monday the 9th. I'm taking the weekend off. My group and I are going to play one of the games that was entered, and after that I don't intend to think about gaming until the complaints start pouring in over the choices we made.

Have a good weekend all, especially you lucky bastards at Origins. Oh, and good luck to the nominees for an Origins award. There were a number of very worthy contenders on the lists this year.

One final thought. I posted this in the judges' forum, but I think it bears repeating here:

I think we can all agree that everything that's on the list belongs there, even if we can't agree that everything that belongs there is on the list.

I hope you guys feel the same after the nominees come out. See you Monday.

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