Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Almost finished

Well, I just posted my final selections for every category except Product of the Year.

As soon as everyone else finishes their posting we'll narrow down to a list we can all agree on (hopefully). If we can't, there will be a final vote by secret ballot on Wednesday the 4th, so that the nominations can be announced on time.

The reason I haven't finished Product of the Year is two-fold. First, it's a difficult category. Everything fits into it, so you have to weigh completely different kinds of products against one another. Second, I screwed up. I thought it was a top 5 like the other categories, and didn't realize it was a top 10. That means I have to go back through everything and make five more picks.

That, however, will hold until tomorrow. I've been going at this for seven hours straight, and I'm done with it for today. My hands are exhausted from typing. If you want to know how much the judges discuss the products that are entered, consider this: My post count climbed by more than 100 today alone.

I'm a classic lurker. In the four and a half years I've been a member at ENWorld I had about 200 posts before becoming a judge. Right now I have 655. That's not even counting IM conversations or emails.


Anonymous said...

This is fusangite/Stuart, one of the other newbie judges. I just want to comment, for those reading this blog, that Jeramy has been especially hard-working and helpful in these last few days. (And that's saying something given how hard he's worked all along.) Whereas some of us have not invested all the time demanded due to moving half way across the continent, work deadlines and physical injuries rendering one virtually immobile (I'm 3 for 3 there), he has picked up many people's slack in getting things collated and figured out. We're very lucky to have him on the team.

This has been one amazing crunch at the end; categories have been taken apart and rebuilt; voting procedures have been redesigned (that's largely my fault!); and everyone has rolled with the punches and better.

Unknown said...

Thanks Stuart. I really appreciate all the good vibes from the other judges, but this has totally been a group effort.

Everyone really pulled it together, and I was sure we were just going to have to give up and vote. Who would have guessed that gamers could compromise?