Monday, March 19, 2007

Austin Gameday

When I was running for my position as judge I was asked what I would do with the product I received. My answer was that I'd like to sponsor a local gameday and give away some of the books as prizes.

Today I took my first steps that direction.

I posted a thread on ENWorld looking for people interested in an Austin gameday toward the end of September (most likely the 29th). My intention is to give away some of the books I receive as prizes to the players and GMs that make the games interesting and fun. For my part I intend to run as many of my favorite Adventure category entries as possible.

Hopefully we can expose some players to the great products that are out there that they may have missed over the last year.

Come to think of it, it might be fun to do a mini version of this for side games at GenCon itself.


Unknown said...

At this rate Jer, you are going to have so much to do at Gen Con that you won't get any sleep at all....although it probably isn't too different than now. :)

As for an Austin Gameday, that would be fun, though I work that day. But it is very likely to change since it is so far out.

Unknown said...

Sleep at GenCon? Wow, things really have changed since the last time I went. I was pretty sure the hotel room was just there in case you wanted a private place to game (and to store swag of course).

I work that day too, but Saturdays are usually best for this sort of thing, so I'll just take the day off.