Friday, March 16, 2007


So, my current mission is to try and expand the ENnies to include a couple new categories. The board of directors already added a couple this year, which is very cool, since a slight broadening of focus to include people other than traditional publishers will hopefully help to encourage the people who put out the various products that making gaming easier and more fun, rather than just 'possible'.

What I wanted to include was two more categories. Board games, which were decided to be outside the focus of the ENnies, and gaming podcasts. It looks like some game related boardgames may be allowed under the new Regalia category, which is awesome, but I think the podcast category is still up in the air. It basically comes down to the question: "Are there enough gaming podcasts to qualify for their own category." I believe there are, and so it is my mission to prove it. That's why I ask any podcaster out there to go to the ENnie Awards site, fill out an entry form, and send it in.

Having recently discovered a number of fantastic podcasts I honestly believe this may well revolutionize the industry in much the same way web forums and bbs discussions did before them. Audio is such an approachable format, and a lot of these podcasts have real potential. Even with all of my experience I have found new ideas and inspiration in just the month or so that I've been listening. I believe that everyone out there can benefit in some way from listening to the advice and experience of others, and these podcasts make that easy.

Okay, off my soapbox.

Book updates, such as they are: Still waiting. The first shipment was sent out four days ago, but it's coming from Canada, so I have no idea how long the postal service will take or if there might be customs issues.

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