Sunday, July 15, 2007

Your turn

Ok, so I've sounded off about my thoughts, so before I return to the discussion of the nominees that I promised, I'd like to ask one quick favor of my readers.

I want you to give a little advice to whoever may be judging next year. How would you like to see it done? How could the process or system work better? Where did I or the other judges make mistakes? What did we get right?

Anything you have to give, give it. This is your chance to help make next year's awards even better. If I get significant response I'll merge it all together and post it on the judge recruitment threads.


Unknown said...

Honestly, nothing's really jumped off the page at me as problematic -- thanks in part to how you've helped make the process feel transparent.

Or more to the point, I think you're already aware of any troubles that might be afoot, based on your discussion of the process a few days earlier. Smooth out those rough spots, see if you want or can find some standardization for how to deal with the places you had to invent new procedures, and I think you'll be off to a great start.

You're already collectively solving the biggest issue, one of time, by getting the judge noms started shortly, so I think things are looking good.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I came late to this blogging rodeo, and the only thing that stood out to me is that you had to do 1000 pages a day. I intend to send my products to judges as they release. Too bad we can't do them electronically (for the e-publishing), but hey, we don't want to make the judge's job MORE difficult and we certainly don't want to fall through any cracks. :)