Monday, March 5, 2007

Why a blog?

So, while I wait for my first shipment to arrive, I thought I'd explain why I bothered to make a blog.

The fact is, I felt it was necessary in the interests of transparency. A lot of people took a chance voting for me. I've never done this before, and I have only done one review. You know nothing about my style, what I like, and how I'll be making my decisions. I created this to give anyone who wants to a chance to see what I'm thinking, how I'm doing, and tell me what you think or if I'm wrong.

I feel qualified to do this because I know a lot about games. I've played and run dozens over the years, but no one can know everything. If I've missed something, or if I just don't 'get' something, let me know. I'll consider all opinions.


Now a bit of more interesting news. I still haven't received any products, but I do have a list of items in the first shipment. The good news is that I own, and have read, many of these, so I can get started right away. Items in bold are books I already own.

Mister Lincoln Experiment: Spontaneous Generation
Hobby Mat
Qin: The Waring States 7Cercle
Warlords of the Accordlands: Monsters & Lairs AEG
Warlords of the Accordlands: The Master Codex AEG
Legend of the Five Rings: The Four Winds AEG
Warlords of the Accordlands: The World Atlas AEG
Conspiracy X 2nd Ed Eden Studios
Hollow Earth Expedition Exile Games Studio
Ubiquity Chips Exile Games Studio
Ubiquity Dice Exile Games Studio
A Magical Society: Silk Road Expeditious Retreat Press
Shadowrun: On the Run FanPro
Shadowrun: Runner Havens FanPro
Ptolus Counter Collection CD Fiery Dragon
Ptolus Counter Collection Fiery Dragon
Crisis in Freeport Green Ronin
Bleeding Edge Adventure #1 Green Ronin
True Sorcery Green Ronin
Mutants & Masterminds: Golden Age Green Ronin
Serenity: Out in the Black Margaret Weiss
The Rifter #35 Super Swimsuit Issue Palladium Books
Rifts Worldbook 29: Madhaven Palladium Books
Tales of the Caliphate Nights Paradigm Concepts
Cthulhu Live Skirmisher
Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Sovereign Press
Dragonlance: Knightly Orders of Ansalon Sovereign Press
Blackmoor: Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor Zeitgeist Games
Player's Guide to Blackmoor Zeitgeist Games


Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

Unknown said...

I hope it's interesting. I make no promises. :)