Monday, June 4, 2007

The big list

Here it is, the list of every book I have received thus far. I know there are still a couple things that were sent out that haven't made their way into my grubby little hands yet, but this is everything that is actually sitting in the three big boxes in my living room right now. When the last couple arrivals get here I'll let you know and add them to this list as well.

In the mean time, I removed my list to the left. It's too large, hard to keep updated, and more than a little annoying. Besides, this list is far more complete.

So, without further ado, here are the 181 entries for this year's Ennie Awards.

1 Qin 7eme Cercle
2 Accordlands: Campaign Adventure Book AEG
3 Accordlands: Master Codex AEG
4 Accordlands: Mosters and Lairs AEG
5 Accordlands: World Atlas AEG
6 Autumn Arbor Arbor Productions
7 Hunter & Prey: Anatomy of Obsession (PDF) Arbor Productions
8 Hunter & Prey: Of Gods and Men (PDF) Arbor Productions
9 Zantabulous Zorcerer of Zo Atomic Sock Monkey
10 Panty Explosion Atarashi Games
11 Liber Chaotica Black Industries
12 Liber Necris Black Industries
13 WFRP: Character Folio Black Industries
14 WFRP: Children of the Horned Rat Black Industries
15 WFRP: Companion Black Industries
16 WFRP: Corrupted (Novel) Black Industries
17 WFRP: Games Master's Toolkit Black Industries
18 WFRP: Lure of the Liche Lord Black Industries
19 WFRP: Murder in Marienburg (Novel) Black Industries
20 WFRP: Night's Dark Masters Black Industries
21 WFRP: Tainted Blood (Novel) Black Industries
22 WFRP: Terror at Talabheim Black Industries
23 WFRP: Tome of Corruption Black Industries
24 Witch Hunter's Handbook Black Industries
25 Dawning Star: Helios Rising Blue Devil
26 Passages Blue Devil
27 Cold City Contested Ground
28 Buckshots: Johnny Comes Marching Home (PDF) Dog House Rules
29 Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin #3 (PDF) Dog House Rules
30 Six-Guns: Lawmen- Earps and Mastersons (PDF) Dog House Rules
31 Galleon Dragonfire Lasercraft
32 Kitsunemori (PDF) Dog Soul
33 Darkwalkers: The Evil Within (PDF) Dragonwing Games
34 High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded (PDF) Dreamscarred Press
35 Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics (PDF) Dreamscarred Press
36 Conspiracy X 2E Eden Studios
37 Don't Rest Your Head Evil Hat
38 Spirit of the Century Evil Hat
39 Hollow Earth Expedition Exile Game Studio
40 Ubiquity Chips Exile Game Studio
41 Ubiquity Dice Exile Game Studio
42 1 on 1 #3: Forbidden Hills Expeditious Retreat
43 AA: Pod-Caverns of the Sinister Shroom Expeditious Retreat
44 Magical Medieval Society: European Warfare (PDF) Expeditious Retreat
45 Magical Society: Silk Road Expeditious Retreat
46 Nevemore Gazetteer (PDF) Expeditious Retreat
47 Big Bang Theory (PDF) Fabled Environments
48 Modern Floorplans: All Saints Church (PDF) Fabled Environments
49 Modern Floorplans: Argent National Bank (PDF) Fabled Environments
50 Modern Floorplans: Blanco Drugs (PDF) Fabled Environments
51 Modern Floorplans: Byte's (PDF) Fabled Environments
52 Modern Floorplans: Concentrics (PDF) Fabled Environments
53 Modern Floorplans: Joe's Diner (PDF) Fabled Environments
54 Half Past Midnight (PDF) Fabled Environments
55 Till Death Do Us Part (PDF) Fabled Environments
56 Under the Shadow of the Cross (PDF) Fabled Environments
57 Classic Battletech Additional Records (PDF) Fanpro
58 Classic Battletech Introductory Records (PDF) Fanpro
59 Classic Battletech Introductory Rulebook (PDF) Fanpro
60 Classic Battletech Quickstart Fanpro
61 Classic Battletech Quickstart (PDF) Fanpro
62 Classic Battletech Total Warfare Fanpro
63 Classic Battletech Universe (PDF) Fanpro
64 House Davion Fanpro
65 On the Run Fanpro
66 Runners' Havens Fanpro
67 Street Magic Fanpro
68 E-Z Dungeons (PDF) Fat Dragon
69 E-Z Tiles: Dungeon Starter Set (PDF) Fat Dragon
70 Ptolus: Counter Collection Fiery Dragon
71 Ptolus: Counter Collection (PDF) Fiery Dragon
72 Adventure Seed 1A: A Knife in the Dark (PDF) Final Redoubt
73 Adventure Seed 1B: To Burn a Witch (PDF) Final Redoubt
74 Adventure Seed 2: Felrican Nights (PDF) Final Redoubt
75 Echoes of Heaven Campaign Setting (PDF) Final Redoubt
76 Festering Earth (PDF) Final Redoubt
77 Last Free City (PDF) Final Redoubt
78 Lost Kingdom of the Dwarves (PDF) Final Redoubt
79 On Corrupted Ground (PDF) Final Redoubt
80 Throne of God (PDF) Final Redoubt
81 Faery's Tale Firefly Games
82 In Harm's Way (PDF) Flying Mice
83 In Harm's Way: Aces in Spades (PDF) Flying Mice
84 Wildernes Encounters 5: Inner City (PDF) Forever People
85 Mortal Coil Galileo Games
86 DCC 28: Into the Wilds Goodman Games
87 DCC 29: Adventure Begins Goodman Games
88 DCC 30: Vault of the Dragon Kings Goodman Games
89 DCC 31: Transmuter's Last Touch Goodman Games
90 DCC 32: Golden Palace of Zahadran Goodman Games
91 DCC 33: Belly of the Great Beast Goodman Games
92 DCC 34: Cage of Delrium Goodman Games
93 DCC 35: Gazetteer of the Known Realms Goodman Games
94 DCC 36: Talons of the Horned King Goodman Games
95 DCC 37: The Slithering Overlord Goodman Games
96 DCC 38: Escape from the Forrest of Lanterns Goodman Games
97 DCC 39: Ruins of Castle Churo Goodman Games
98 DCC 40: Devil in the Mists Goodman Games
99 DCC 41: Lost Arrows of Aristemis Goodman Games
100 DCC 42: Secret of the Stonearm Goodman Games
101 DCC 43: Curse of the Barrens Goodman Games
102 DCC 44: Dreaming Caverns of the Duergar Goodman Games
103 Etherscope: Mysteries of the Occult Goodman Games
104 Etherscope: Softcover Goodman Games
105 Etherscope: Upload: Etherpunk Goodman Games
106 Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor Goodman Games
107 Xcrawl: Coney Island Crawl Goodman Games
108 Xcrawl: Dungeonbattle Brooklyn Goodman Games
109 Xcrawl: Necromerica Goodman Games
110 WFF: Rumble in the Wizard's Tower Goodman Games
111 BEA 1: Mansion of Shadows Green Ronin
112 BEA 3: Dirge of the Damned Green Ronin
113 Black Snake Dawn Green Ronin
114 Crisis in Freeport Green Ronin
115 Damnation Decade Green Ronin
116 Deck of Many Things Green Ronin
117 Murder at the Vulger Unicorn Green Ronin
118 M&M: Golden Age Green Ronin
119 M&M: Time of Vengeance Green Ronin
120 M&M: Ultimate Power Green Ronin
121 Shadowspawn's Guide to Sanctuary Green Ronin
122 Thieves' World Gazetteer Green Ronin
123 Thieves' World Player's Manual Green Ronin
124 True 20: Bestiary Green Ronin
125 True Sorcery Green Ronin
126 E-RPG Game Master Lodestar (PDF) Ironwood Omnimedia
127 E-RPG Game Master Lodestar Demo (PDF) Ironwood Omnimedia
128 Fantasy Sagas: Paradigim (PDF) Ironwood Omnimedia
129 Fantasy Sagas: Player's Guidebook (PDF) Ironwood Omnimedia
130 Fantasy Sagas: Player's Guidebook Demo (PDF) Ironwood Omnimedia
131 Fantasy Sagas: Prophesy (PDF) Ironwood Omnimedia
132 Conflict Chips JC Designs
133 Evil Genius #1 (PDF) Lame Mage
134 Hero Lab (software) Lone Wolf
135 Ptolus Malhavoc Press
136 Ptolus: Night of Dissolution Malhavoc Press
137 Castlemourn Margaret Weis
138 Knightly Orders of Ansalon Margaret Weis
139 Price of Courage Margaret Weis
140 Serenty: Out in the Black Margaret Weis
141 Lacuna Part 1 Memento Mori
142 Out of the Darkness (CD) Midnight Syndicate
143 Castle Shadowcrag (PDF) Open Design
144 GameMastery Combat Pad Open Mind
145 Mister Lincoln Experiment Oppressed Proletariat
146 Dictionary of Mu Paka's Thread Games
147 Rifter: Swimsuit Issue Palladium Books
148 RWB 29: Madhaven Palladium Books
149 Shadows of a Forsaken Past (PDF) Paradigm Concepts
150 Tales of the Caliphate Nights Paradigm Concepts
151 Campaign Cartographer 3 ProFantasy
152 Slipgrip Hobby Mat Saint-Gobain
153 Legends Walk: Truth & Justice Edition (PDF) Silver Branch
154 Questers of the Middle Realms (PDF) Silver Branch
155 Esoterrorists Simon Rogers
156 Cthulhu Live Skirmisher
157 Dragons of Autumn Sovereign Press
158 Blood & Guts: In Her Majesty's Service 2 (PDF) Sword's Edge
159 Treasure Chest Unlocked: Gems (PDF) Sword's Edge
160 Against the Darkness Tabletop Adventures
161 Bits of Magicka: Mystic Writings (PDF) Tabletop Adventures
162 Deck O' Names: Japanese (PDF) Tabletop Adventures
163 Deck O' Names: Japanese Generator (PDF) Tabletop Adventures
164 Mother of All Treasure Tables Tabletop Adventures
165 Ars Lingua (PDF) Tangent Games
166 Divine Order: Jute (PDF) Tangent Games
167 Mineral Magic: Volume Two (PDF) Tangent Games
168 Natural Wonders: Flora (PDF) Tangent Games
169 Dark Influences White Wolf
170 Exalted: Dragon-Blooded White Wolf
171 Exalted: Scroll of the Monk White Wolf
172 Promethean White Wolf
173 Promethean: Storyteller Screen White Wolf
174 Scion: Hero White Wolf
175 Scion: Hero- Of Shadows Yet to Come White Wolf
176 Vampire: Mythologies White Wolf
177 Mythic Game Master Emulator Word Mill
178 Player's Guide to Blackmoor Zeitgeist Games
179 Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor Zeitgeist Games
180 Agon
181 Burning Emires

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