Friday, June 15, 2007

The final push

I was on a roll there for a while, but I got a little sloppy with the updates again.

The reason is simple. It looks like we're aiming for a final decision before the end of this month, and I still have around two dozen books to read, a number of which are very large. Basically I simply haven't been doing much in the way of web-surfing or anything as I try to finish up the reading and then compile my thoughts.

I know I've been prosing to get some reviews out too, and they are still coming, they may just be a little scattered. Expect a review of Conspiracy X either today or tomorrow at the latest.

Speaking of promised reviews, I'll go ahead and discuss Qin a little, since I said I'd do a review of that weeks ago. Basically I got done reading it and decided I wanted to play it before I put thoughts on paper. It's good, but there are a couple things I found a little clunky that I've been told work well in play, and I'd hate to catch even more complaints about not giving things a fair chance.

Not that I'm saying I dislike it, since it is certainly among my favorites, but I'd like to see it in play before I comment. I feel the same way about Spirit of the Century, which I hope to play early next week. It reads great, but I'm unfamiliar with the system, and it seems like something you can really only grasp through a good session with good players.

Anywho, updates are still coming, and they will continue to be regular, it's just been a rough couple days. I need to knock out these last minute entries, and I'm pretty sure I have the super-flu. Hopefully the world won't end before GenCon.


Unknown said...

There are some podcasts out there that have done some excellent actual play of Spirit of the Century, but I expect your listening time looks a lot like your reading time these days. If you want pointers, though, drop me a line at evilhat AT gmail DOT com.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot, I know the Game Master Show, and I think the Sons of Kryos as well, did SotC Actual Plays, which is part of what made me excited about the game in the first place. I actually lucked out, and a couple of my old players run one-shots of different games once a month or so, and were pretty excited for the excuse to run a game. They've agreed to let me sit down with them as player, which is a double bonus for me since I always GM.