Friday, June 29, 2007

Where to go next.

In the comments from my last post I was asked about discussing the process in more detail after the nominations go out.

Since I'm hurting for topics at the moment, I've decided to run with it, and let someone else do the work of figuring out my topic for the day.

First, let me say that I intend to continue this blog at least until the winners are announced. Where it goes after that I suppose depends on what happens with next year's judge nominations. If people like what I've done here, my work at recognizing podcasts, or especially if they agree with my nominations and think that I did a good job judging, I'd love to be nominated again. If someone does nominate me, and I'm elected, I'll continue this thing until the voting public finds someone to do the job better.

But that's not really what this is about, and it's a bit too early to start campaigning, so I'll stop there.

As to the question of discussing the process in more detail, I'd love to. I'm not really sure yet what that will entail, but I'm open to suggestions if anyone has thoughts.

I'm struggling with the idea of discussing my own votes directly. I certainly would like to share, but I'm not sure how fair it would be to the other judges or the process. Obviously we are different people, with different tastes, so there is no way everyone is going to get all of their picks, but I have confidence that I won't be disappointed with the picks as a whole.

It's not just a blank vote. The judges get together and discuss what our thoughts are regularly. We've posted our lists and have compared notes. I'm not sure how much that has swayed everyone, but I know some of my picks are based on the reasons other judges have given, so that's something, and I'd like to think that my picks have been given equal consideration.

I believe the plan is to come to consensus wherever possible, and rely on voting as a last resort. I think that the products themselves are better represented that way. I will say that, while our top 5 lists may not look identical yet, there is a lot in common between them, and I don't think I've seen anything that seemed to me like it didn't belong.

So, here's the plan I think. I'll ask the judges and the board how they feel about judges discussing their votes. After winners have been announced seems somewhat more appropriate, but at very least after the nominations are out.

In the mean time, I'll start a Q&A series on my blog as soon as the nominations go live, and I'll answer any questions that I can. At very least I'm willing to discuss the actual nominations and why those decisions were made. If anyone has any questions or comments beyond that, I'd love to hear them.

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