Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today's update

You know what's sad? The UPS man pulled up outside a minute ago and it really made me miss getting something new to review in the mail everyday.

Anywho, I completed two more categories this morning. I now have top 5 lists for Best Fansite and Best Podcast. Besides that, I have nearly full lists in almost every category. I've found that filling out the first half of a category is easy. It's just when you start running out of room and look down to find four things you can't imagine not making the list, and you have two slots left, that sucks.

I already lost one of my favorite games, and another that I was really looking forward to, just because there simply wasn't room for them in the Best Game category. I can't imagine how tough it's going to be when I start losing more of my choices to make roome for the things other judges pick.

Still, I guess it's an important part of the process. If everyone just accepted my picks they'd be the Master of the Game Awards, and who'd care about that? Having five judges is important, because it allows room for a variety of tastes.

It still sucks though :p

Everything would be so much easier if they would just realize that I'm right.

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