Thursday, June 21, 2007

A matter of perspective

I took this picture just after I go in the last of the entries, and thought I'd share. There's only one item (Campaign Cartographer 3) that's not in the picture, otherwise this is everything that was entered.


Unknown said...

Awesome! And I'd be lyin' if I didn't say I dig how the small press products are prominently in-front. ;)

Unknown said...

A benefit of the smaller format books :)

All the books standing in the front are Best Game entries. This was taken long before I began the nomination process, so there's no other significance to the process beyond simple grouping.

I know regular readers here probably figured that out, but you have no idea how often I've seen comments about nominations around the internet based on my blog, so I thought I had better be clear :)

Anonymous said...

That is a whole stack of books, kudos for getting trough everything. When you see it all piled up like that, you realise what a mountain of reading that is. Also: nice to see Cold City standing there! And he competition in the Best Game category looks mighty, mighty stiff. There's a lot of quality in there.

As a judge of the ENnies, will you bet at Gen Con?


Unknown said...

Yeah, not sure what all I'm doing yet, but I'll be there.

Unknown said...

Wow Jer! That looks so cool, and quite intimidating. :)

Anonymous said...

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