Friday, June 1, 2007

Websites and podcasts

I know there have been a few questions about which sites have been entered, so I thought I'd put together a more recent list than the one on the ENnies page. This may not be complete, but it is the most recent information available. If you don't see a site that should have been entered it may just be an error on my part, so feel free to let me or Denise know.

The currently entered websites are:
1 Dragonlance Nexus
Flames Rising
Merric's D&D Minis Page
Twenty Sided
World of Farland

The current list of Podcasts is:
Accidental Survivors
All Games Considered
Bear's Grove
Board Games with Scott
Dragonlance Canticle
Dragon's Landing
Fear the Boot
Fell Calls
Fist Full of Comics (and games)
Gamers' Haven
Game Master Show
Gamer Traveler
Godzilla Gaming
Have Games, Will Travel
LARP podcast
Master Plan
OgreCave Audio Report
Pulp Gamer
Sons of Kryos
The Tome
Villain Talk
Yog Radio

Thanks for getting out there and entering guys, especially the podcasts, who through force of numbers managed to create a brand new category. That's a heck of a field.

Of the people who said they were going to enter, I believe only Godzilla and Gamer the Podcasting aren't on the list. Hopefully they signed up but I just don't know about it yet. I'd hate to miss them.


Unknown said...

Hmmm, I just noticed that the Gamer the Podcasting site and forums seem to be down. Anyone know what's up with them? It's been a while since they posted a show, and I think the wedding was supposed to be last weekend, so I hope they're not down for good.

Daniel M. Perez said...

It is Friday, June 1st. Can we still submit a cast? And can we submit someone else?

Ryan Macklin said...

I submitted my podcast, Master Plan, on the 31st via email. Hopefully it got there in time and wasn't eaten by spam filtering or general Internet mayhem.

Paul Tevis said...

You, sir, have a lot of listening to do.

Unknown said...

Any that were submitted in the last couple of days likely just haven't been added to the list yet. The ones I have here were current yesterday I believe. I'll add the other entries as they come in, and if your fax did get eaten, I'm sure you'll still get in.

Also, if you drop Denise an email letting her know you intend to enter I'm sure she'll make sure you get in, so long as the entry is done as soon as possible. You'll have to ask her about entering someone else, but I think the best bet would be to try and get the other guys to enter, or perhaps ask for an extension on their behalf until you can get a hold of them.

Really Denise is the one in the know, I just read books and force my opinions down peoples' throats. The board does all the real work.

As for the amount of listening... yeah. Luckily I listened to about half the list before this started, so catching up is a bit easier. Feel bad for the guys who had to start fresh.

After all this time my ipod is still half full.

misuba said...

Hi - just a note that the podcast billed here as "Ogre Cave" should properly be "OgreCave Audio Report," to distinguish it from the OgreCave site as a whole (of which the podcast is just one part). It's a nitpick, but hey, nobody likes nits so we may as well pick em the hell out. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Fixed. Thanks.

Unknown said...

While I was at it I went ahead and updated the list. There are now 23 podcasts entered.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listing us! Actually, we've dropped the () out of our name and we are Fist Full of Comics and Games. Our show is pretty much half and half as for as games and comics go. (Not that I'm trying to influence a judge either way.) Cheers!

Unknown said...

My apologies. I fixed it on the master list.